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Hand-Crafted  Score Keepers
Made in the U.S.A

No Elbow Points

Do score cards keep getting bumped? Do You loose track of the score?
There must be a better way !

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Two hand-crafted Euchre Score Keepers
Made from solid 3/4" thick Oak hardwood, with a felt backing.
3.375 X 3.375 inches -- Easy to read vinyl lettering
Natural stained finish
Make excellent gifts for the euchre fan in your house

Buy TWO for Only $21.95 shipping included *

How Many do You Want
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Is there someone in your group that is always asking always asking what is trump? Help them out with our trump cube
Blocks are 1 inch x 1 inch with eye for attaching to key chain

Only $8.95 shipping included *

Trump Block
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The Deluxe Euchre Package

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Get two deluxe hand-crafted Euchre Score Keepers
Along with our Trump block
Both with Easy to read vinyl graphics
These make excellent gifts for the Euchre player in your life.

Complete Set Only $25.99 shipping included *

How many sets
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Our sponsor, Bicycle Cards, has been in business since 1872
I thought you may enjoy this ad from 1905

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This Picture gives information about Euchre Games

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Here's what our viewers are saying

13 comments so far

I bought a set for my parents for Christmas and now I am ordering another set for my aunt Jane. We all love Euchre and these score keepers make it so much easier to track score.

Susan B
Sandusky, Ohio

Posted by Susan  on Thursday, 02.23.12 @ 13:36pm| #47

Thanks for a quick shipment of the trump blocks. These made nice stocking stuffers


Posted by Betty S  on Wednesday, 01.2.13 @ 09:38am| #318

Much better that using score cards.


Posted by Jim  on Thursday, 01.3.13 @ 20:41pm| #1667

Thanks for shipping so quickly, Our group will get a lot of use out of these as we play twice a week.

Posted by Bill  on Tuesday, 01.15.13 @ 11:07am| #1692

we received our order on Wednesday the 13th and we are very pleased with it
thank you.

Posted by Ron and Maggie  on Monday, 02.25.13 @ 14:25pm| #1767

great score keeper

Posted by allen  on Friday, 03.29.13 @ 16:38pm| #2196

THANK YOU. I just started playing euchre and think the trump cubes are terrific.

Posted by Jerry  on Saturday, 05.11.13 @ 07:51am| #2228

I am buying these for my brother that plays euchre with his friends. Thank you for getting them to us so quickly.


Posted by Jenny  on Thursday, 12.19.13 @ 06:42am| #3098

do you sell tallies

Posted by Carol McClary  on Saturday, 01.4.14 @ 06:59am| #3121

Great site. With re. to Joe Andrews book do you ship to Canada?

Regards, Mike.

Posted by Mike Parise  on Wednesday, 04.9.14 @ 16:52pm| #3201

I bought the score keepers and trump cubes several months ago--We play in a public place and I have given your web site to many people as so MANY stop by our tables and ask where we got them

Posted by Carol  on Tuesday, 04.22.14 @ 10:08am| #3206

Carol, Thanks for your kind comment.

Posted by Don  on Thursday, 04.24.14 @ 08:17am| #3207

first time on this site- like the comments

Posted by Geraldine Bedard  on Thursday, 10.2.14 @ 08:57am| #3276

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