Learn how to Play Euchre - Lesson 9

The End Play

" All good things must come to an end"

End play is a term borrowed from the game of Bridge. It basically involves giving the lead to your opponents at the appropriate moment and being able to take the last tricks to make your point.

For many euchre players, this tactic will involve making a slight change in their basic strategy. The technique most players use is to pull trump, then they try to pass the lead to their partner. The hope is that the partner will be able to take the tricks necessary to complete the hand. Winning at euchre involves the right combination of taking risks, skill and a little luck. The end play is just one more tool in your euchre bag of tricks.

For an end play to be successful players must be able to think a couple of plays ahead. First, the lead is passed to opponents while retaining possession of the boss trump. In doing this one hopes that their left hand opponent will take the trick. This gives them the last play on that hand. This can be one of the most powerful plays in euchre. In fact, here are some hands where the only way to make a point is to use an end play strategy. With this play, you're not going for two points. Just take the single point and run.

Please note that many successful teams use this technique. A counter move to this play would be to let a trick go by (if possible) when you're sitting to the left of the bidder.

Perhaps the best way to explain an end play is with a couple of examples:

Example One is below,

Look at the hand below. The Queen of hearts is turned up. Picking up the Queen will give you three trump. This is an easy hand to be euchred on as it's not very strong, but maybe, just maybe you can squeeze a point out. Ok, so you pick the Queen. Now you discard one of the green nines (in an earlier lesson we talked about discarding green unless an opponent is known to lead next).

First seat leads and takes the first trick with the Ace of diamonds. Having won that trick, first then leads the Ace of spades. You trump their Ace and with your Ten of hearts. Both teams now have one trick.
You have the lead and you still have to take Two of the Three remaining tricks.

It's decision time: what's the best card to play to lead so you get the needed tricks?

Select the best answer below

You've been Euchred

You both have one trick each but first seat now has the two Boss cards


The main idea is to pass off the lead. Playing a Nine assures that will happen. This lead sets up your end play. No mater what first seat plays you have made your point

You've been Euchred

First seat now had two tricks and one remaining boss card

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