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Competitive Level Euchre

A while back a group of us meet up on-line for a few games. When a group of completive euchre players get together, one can expect to see some great games. After all, each team is determined to outdo the other. We were playing sets, 'best two out of three' games. These sample hands below, were taken from the last game of the night. By this point each team had won two sets, and in the fifth set we were even at a game apiece.

I'm not going to show every hand, but I will show the hands that I thought stood out from the rest. As you look down through the hands, think about what you would have done in the same situation. Would you have made the same plays?

Advance Euchre Example 10

The dealer sits in the West position and has just turned up the nine of clubs. Bidding gets passed back around. As the dealer, would you have passed or taken a chance by picking the 9?

Advance Euchre Example 10

The dealer decides to pick the 9 and then discards the 9 of hearts. Even though West holds neither bower, this is a solid call. After all, they now hold 2 trump and 2 off suit aces.

North leads the 10 of hearts, East follows suit with the queen, and I, not wanting to break up my protected left set, throw off the 10 of spades. The dealer/maker(W) takes the trick with the ace.

Advance Euchre Example 10

The maker(W) then leads the 9 of trump. It looks like he does not hold the right as he is going on a fishing expedition. My partner(N) plays the right. This must be the only trump my partner has or he would have played 'second hand low'. East follows suit with the 10 of clubs and I play the queen.

Advance Euchre Example 10

Now my partner(N) leads the 9 of spades, East follows suit with the queen. The only chance I see for a Euchre in if the bidder holds a Diamond.

Advance Euchre Example 10

The maker(W) trumps my ace and their partner picks up the 3rd trick using the king of trump. This gives them their point.

Advance Euchre Example 10

I'm sitting in South and am the dealer. Bidding get passed back to me. Think about what you would do. Would you pick the queen and name spades?

Advance Euchre Example 10

While this isn't a very strong hand, it is one that must be tried. This is the type of hand where you definitely need your partners help. Be sure to let them.

West leads their ace of hearts and it walks the board. They have 1 trick.

Advance Euchre Example 10

West then leads the jack of diamonds. My partner(N) trumps in with the king and everyone else follows suit. Now we also have 1 trick.

Advance Euchre Example 10

Next my partner(N) leads the ace of clubs. East trumps in with the left. I(S) being void in clubs, could have over trumped with the right. But that would have left me with 2 losing cards. Instead I used this as an opportunity to rid my hand of a useless jack of hearts. Their team now has 2 tricks.

Advance Euchre Example 10

East next leads the ace of diamonds. It's now or never time. I trump in with the queen. As long as West has a diamond or can't overtrump the queen, I'm good. Everything goes as hoped and our team adds another point to our score.

Advance Euchre Example 10

The dealer sits in West. How many of you would stop and realize the jack of spades you hold in your hand becomes the left if you pick up the club? Actually, this is a much stronger hand than the one I just showed because of the off suit two aces.

Advance Euchre Example 10

North leads the 9 of diamonds. East and South follow suit and maker(W) takes the trick using their king. They have their first trick.

Advance Euchre Example 10

Next the maker(W) makes their ace of hearts good. They now have 2 tricks.

Advance Euchre Example 10

The maker(W) then plays the ace of diamonds. As diamonds had already been led once, they're hoping to use this lead as a way to pull out some of the trump. Or better yet, as happened in this case, their partner takes the trick. This gives them the point. On a side note, the queen or the left were never needed.

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