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"It's always fun to euchre the bidder"

Going for an Euchre

It is typically not very easy to euchre the bidder, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't try. Look at the following example:

Advance Euchre Example 10

The dealer sits in the West position and has just picked up the queen of hearts. North seat starts the hand off by leading the jack of spades.

Advance Euchre Example 10

East plays the king of spades. South plays the ace taking the trick, and the maker(W) follows suit with the nine.

Advance Euchre Example 10

South now leads the ace of clubs. The maker(W) trumps in with the queen.

If you were sitting in North, what card would you play now?

Advance Euchre Example 10

Would you overtrump trump the queen? Holding the left - ace already assures your team that your opponents won't make 2 points on this hand. Is there a possible way to euchre them? This is the perfect opportunity to rid your hand of an unneeded card, the 9 of diamonds. Your team has 1 trick and you hold a second one in your hand. If your partner can get a trick, it's euchre time.

Advance Euchre Example 10

Now the maker(W) leads the queen of spades. North, thinking the maker may be trying to set up an end play, knows the best way to avoid this is not be in the lead. Their only choice is to throw off the ace of diamonds. This is also a good play for another reason. Their partner had took the first trick with the ace of spades yet didn't try a spade lead-though. It's possible they are void in spades.

Advance Euchre Example 10

Sometimes things work out exactly as planned and North's play paved the way for South to take the trick with a nine. Now, no matter what happens next, they are euchred.

Going into recovery mode

Sometimes you need a 'plan b'

Experienced players like to try a lot of lone calls. Some of these may be very risky, however the reward of 4 points is oh so tempting!

Take a look at the hand below, the dealer is in the South position.

Euchre hand Example 1

The bidding gets passed around, the dealer picks up the nine of spades and calls alone.

Euchre hand Example 1

West starts off with an initial lead of the 10 of hearts. East trumps in with the ace. This was the last thing the maker wanted to see.

What should you do next?

Euchre hand Example 1

The worst possible play would be to over trump with the right. Instead it's time for a 'plan b'. First thing to do is give up on trying to make the lone. It's highly unlikely that will happen. But with a little luck you should be able to salvage a point out of the hand. The queen of diamonds can't help now. Here's a good chance to get rid your hand of it. The opponents have 1 trick.

Euchre hand Example 1

Now West, seeing that the maker just threw off a diamond, leads back the nine of diamonds. The maker(S) takes the trick with the ace. The maker's next lead is the ace of clubs. The hope of course, is to have it go through. If not, it will draw out some trump. The ace does walk. This gives the maker their teams 1st trick.

Euchre hand Example 1

Next the maker leads the right. Everyone follows suit. That's the makers 2nd trick.

Euchre hand Example 1

The maker still needs one more trick. There still may be more trump out against him. When you're not strong in trump, the next best way to draw out any possible trump is by using an off suit ace. The maker leads the ace of clubs. As it turned out the ace was good.

If you go back and look at the complete hand, you'll see that even if they had taking their partner along it was most likely only a 1 point hand. It's normally the same with most unsuccessful lone attempts. Why not go for the lone.

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In lesson 10, ex. 4, 3rd hand: The dealer is stated as being on the right. It's actually on the left. Maybe you already know this and it's too difficult to change.

Interesting site.

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