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How to amaze the opponents

The best part of making a next call is when you call on nothing, and your partner has all the top trump. How does it work? Why does it work? Keep reading, we have the answers here.

The idea of calling next has been around for as long as the game of euchre itself. Even the earliest books on euchre talk about it. Still, many people do not understand it. There are even those who say it doesn't work. Our Euchre Quiz reflected this, as many people missed the question on next. It may not work every time. However, in the long run, 'next calls' will get you more points and therefore more wins. Also, don't forget the times when a next call may stop a lone call and save you two or more points. This article will help you understand the how and whys of the next call strategy. For those that don't know about next, next is the other suit of the same color. For example, if we are talking about hearts, then next would be diamonds. So a next call would refer to bid from 1st seat where the person sitting directly to the left of the dealer, calls trump in the other suit of the same color as the card that was turned down.

Euchre is a game of strategies and probabilities; you have to use any strategy that will give you the best chance of winning. Calling next is one of them. The reason behind calling next is simply that your opponents don't hold cards or the bowers in that color. If they did they would have picked or ordered up the turn card. Well if they don't have the cards and you don't, then they are may be in your partner's hand. By calling next, you are not only calling into your partner's hand. You are also stopping the opposition from bidding in the opposite color, as this is where they may have a much stronger hand.

Here are some fairly safe times to call next;

1) If you have 3 or more in next,

2) If you have 2 or more in next, with 1 off-suit Ace

3) If you have 1 or more in next, with 2 off suit Aces

4) If you have nothing in next but have 3 off suit Aces

While there is always the risk of being euchred, many next calls have been made with only one small trump along with a green off suit ace. The thing is, all card games are games of chance. Once in a while, you have to take some risks. You may be pleasantly surprised at what will work.

Do not automatically call next

It may not be a good idea to call next automatically, as you may find yourself being setup by a skillful player. The dealer, knowing you always call next, may pass a biddable hand in hopes of euchring you. Mix up your play a little.

The higher the turn-up card is, the more likely next will work

Next is also less successful when playing against very conservative players. They may have the cards to call but are simply afraid to order it up.

The best first lead on a next call is a small trump, this is especially true if you hold an off-suit Ace. By leading a small trump you stand the best chance of hitting your partner's hand. Remember, the odds are that he will have at least one bower in his hand. This lead is the best chance you have of going straight to him. This will give him the opportunity to play any aces he may have. Also, with one round of trump gone, those aces have a much better chance of surviving.

Leading the right may not be the best move. Your partner may only have one bower in his hand and you don't want them to clash. When you are holding a right/ ace combination it's usually best to lead the ace. If the other bower has been turned down, then it is ok to lead the right.

In a hand where you only hold two small cards in next but no power, try leading an off suit that you think your partner may be able to trump. You may need the trump to make your point.

While we are talking about next, Please, if your partner calls next and leads a trump. DO NOT lead trump back. I'm amazed at how many times people do this. Needless to say, this move almost always results in being euchred.

Take a look at the picture below. The dealer is in the East seat and just turned down the King of clubs. The player in South bids spades(next) and leads the ten. West plays the king. West's partner(N) plays the right and then leads back the ace of hearts. Next, he leads the queen of diamonds. This next call made the team made two points. With an initial lead of the left, they may have only made one point. While no play works every time, a small trump lead may be what a next call needs to be successful.

why play next example

Should you decide not to call next but instead call the opposite color (aka crossing the creek or calling green) you should be aware that your partner will most likely be of little or no help. You should only call green if you have 3 sure tricks in your hand. You may even want to play the hand alone.

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Calling Next is great strategy, you should follow up on Bushwacking. A Strategy used to counter Calling Next

Posted by euchre  on Monday, 08.15.11 @ 16:35pm| #13

VERY good play. When the opp tossed the diamond, I figured that was his off suit.
It's so important to watch what the dealer throws off since most dealers that pick up, will discard the necessary card to create a two suited hand. Also, having both Jacks, you never know if the dealer picks up because he can hear the "alone" next call in his head if he turns it down.(that could be another scenario hand, stopping a next loner)

Posted by Amy Carmean  on Friday, 12.30.11 @ 14:08pm| #16

Great explanation of next!

Posted by J  on Saturday, 02.16.13 @ 06:20am| #1749

There's no greater feeling than making a NEXT call when you have absolutely no trump in your hand! I have to be honest here, i can just imagine the look on the opp's faces when i do it too! You know that they're fuming..... but, the percentages are with you. Sure it doesn't work all the time, and if it doesn't well, you can always call it a block, LOL but over the course of time, you will end up ahead. You just have to try.

Posted by Jamie  on Sunday, 02.24.13 @ 17:47pm| #1762

In response to the first comment, I too sometimes wait in the bushes. Not sure how this disrupts the strategy if calling next.

Posted by anne  on Tuesday, 10.22.13 @ 21:19pm| #3051

If you know that someone will call next automatically, then a strategy of
sandbagging has a fair chance of working. However, very few players are this
predictable. You may find yourself holding the bag, while the opponents make a point.

Posted by Don  on Wednesday, 10.23.13 @ 08:26am| #3052

I'll probably visit this site again. I like the tone of the post, and it put out sound advice in a manner that was understandable thank you

Posted by jeffrey gardener  on Tuesday, 04.29.14 @ 00:17am| #3210

I'll probably visit this site again. I like the tone of the post, and it put out sound advice in a manner that was understandable thank you

Posted by jeffrey gardener  on Tuesday, 04.29.14 @ 00:17am| #3211

I'll probably visit this site again. I like the tone of the post, and it put out sound advice in a manner that was understandable thank you

Posted by jeffrey gardener  on Tuesday, 04.29.14 @ 00:17am| #3212

how about making your examples correct. You state that the dealer turned down a king of clubs and the 1st seat called next...leading the 10 of spades and his partner "using the left" to take trick before leading the ace of hearts back. I have to ask this....when did the jack of spades become "the LEFT" when spades are trump? The left of spades(jack of clubs)is clearly in the caller's hand. I agree, the strategy is logical but, you might want to take some time proofreading before posting...

Posted by Benny  on Sunday, 11.8.15 @ 12:35pm| #3493

as a matter of could an initial lead of the right make only one point??? He didn't HAVE the right. Also...that hand was destined to score two points no matter the initial lead as long as the caller's partner did NOT lead the 2nd heart back before drawing out both trump from 2nd seat's hand.

Posted by benny  on Sunday, 11.8.15 @ 13:20pm| #3494

Yep, your right, right is left and left is right.

Fixed, thanks

Posted by Don  on Monday, 11.23.15 @ 10:14am| #3499

The link to:
The 'no trump' next call - Page 3
does not work. It goes to page 2 instead.

Posted by Sabina  on Tuesday, 12.15.15 @ 06:12am| #3535

Great explanation. However I feel the example shown gives the makers a hands that is TOO STRONG. Regardless of what the dealer turned down, the maker SHOULD bid spades - even if it's NOT the next suit. Therefore the concept of 'bidding next' seems irrelevant here.

As your excellent introduction explains, the goal is to "get a point", and thereby deny your opponents an opportunity to bid. Getting 2 points with a next call is great, but secondary. Therefore I think an example with a much weaker hands would make your point better. An example of 1 trump + 2 aces would illustrate WHY this concept should change your thinking.

Love your site.

Posted by Kevin  on Thursday, 03.9.17 @ 19:32pm| #3785

Glad you enjoyed the site. I will admit the sample shown is about as good as it gets.

Posted by Don  on Thursday, 03.9.17 @ 20:07pm| #3786

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