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What is the best card to discard?

One of the key ways to set up a winning hand is making the correct discard. Choosing the correct card can make the difference between making a point and getting euchred. On an opponent's bid, choosing correct discard can go a long way towards setting them. With some hands the choice is obvious (for example, holding five trump and an off suit nine, there is no question about what to discard). However most hands require more thought.

Read your opponent

Many euchre players have a tendency to play the same way hand after hand. Here is where careful observation of your opponent's playing methods and habits can be helpful. Do they always lead their green suit? In other words, if hearts are trump do they lead clubs or spades, and if clubs are trump do they lead hearts or diamonds? If so, then given a choice, the best discard would be a singleton in the green suits, even if it's not your lowest ranked card. Discarding a singleton green king and holding a nine in next may set you up to trump the first trick. Saving an ace may be the only exception. There are also those players that tend to lead next (so if clubs were trump they would lead spades, and if hearts were trump they would lead diamonds). In these cases, discarding next would be the best choice, even if not the lowest ranked card (as long as it's not an ace).

As a general rule

When at all possible you should first try to create a void in your hand. When playing with teams that you have never played before, you should try and create this void in a green suit. Most people tend to lead from a green suit rather than from next.

You should next consider which cards in your hand are most unlikely to take a trick (something like an off suit nine). If there is a suit that you hold three of, discard the lowest of these. On hands where you have an ace-king (or an ace-king-X) combination in one suit, along with a king-X (or any X_X ) combination in another suit, hold the ace-king. You may be able to make both the ace and king good. Discard the smaller of a king-X (or X_X) set. With a little luck you may be able to throw off one of these allowing you to a void latter in the hand. Hopefully, you will then be able to make good use of a trump in this newly created void. - See example hands listed below.

While rare, there are times it is the correct and perfectly legal move to discard the card that you picked up. An example would be holding five higher trump and picking up a nine.


When making a lone call and having to choose between holding two aces or keeping an ace-king combination, discarding the single ace tends to be the better choice. This limits the opponent's opportunities to trump or over trump a suit.

Choosing the correct discard when opposing team is playing alone is even more critical. In particular, lones called from 3rd seat require a discard of a singleton next.

When having to choose between discarding an off suit ace and trump, always save the trump.

How about other discards

So far we have been talking about discarding as the dealer, before the start of play. There are other times during the game when discarding comes into play. While technically not discards, cards thrown off during game play, are an opportunity to give your partner information. These could be cards that are played when you are unable to follow suit and don't want to trump in. This is covered in detail in the section communicating with your partner..

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Love to play! Originally from Illinois, currently living in Florida, not many know how to play here...I love to get more people interested in playing...any ideas?

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