Misplayed euchre hands, page 1

What were they thinking?

OK, here I have to poke a little fun at some of the incorrect ways, and foolish mistakes players make. We have all been paired up with a partner that puts little thought into what cards they are playing. As we watch our game unfold we just have to wonder 'what were they thinking?'

For those that are new to euchre, I apologize, this is not about you. Euchre may be an easy game to learn, but it takes time and effort to know how to play it properly. All of the examples presented here are from games where the player have hundreds and sometimes thousands of games under their belt.

Here's your chance to tell your story. Please no names or at least first names only. You may use the comment section to write a brief description about your experience.

In the example below, I'm sitting in the South position, I've dealt and turned up the ace of diamonds.

Table Position
Bad Euchre Play number 6

My partner orders the ace into my hand. West starts the hand off by leading the 9 of trump. My partner, holding both bowers plays the left.

Bad Euchre Play number 6a

I guess they forgot they had ordered the ace. (And that they were playing partners)

Bad Play of the year Award

Again, as the dealer, I'm in the south position and turned down the 10 of spades. West also passes and my partner(N) names clubs as trump.

As we join the hand the Score is 9 to 8 our favor. We have taken the first 2 tricks and West seat has just taking their team's first. West must have sensed my partners bid was weak and led the ace of clubs. It apparently never occurred to my partner that by playing the left, the King would become boss, even if East held the right. Needless to say we lost the game....
Needless to say we lost the game....

Worst Play in Euchre Number Two

As in the previous examples I'm in south, the dealer and turned down the 9 of spades. East seat names diamonds as trump. West started off by leading the ace of spades. It seemed that they forgot to help their partner by showing them where the left was and that spades was turned down suit. This lead allowed me to trump in with my only trump, the ace.

If West had led the left before playing their ace, four trump would have fallen, it would have been a safe assumption that their partner held the remaining trump. The maker would have no reason to play the right. Next West could have played the ace of spades without it being trumped. Then, because the king of spades fell on this lead, this would have made his queen of spades boss. Playing the queen of spades could have given the maker a chance to rid his hand of an unwanted heart.

The above play quickly turned a potential 2 point hand into a 1 pointer.

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Misplayed euchre hands, page 1
What were they thinking?

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Were they thinking?

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As I bid that's the key so from there it is a no brainer!

Posted by Ernie  on Thursday, 03.28.13 @ 08:25am| #2194

One of my very favorite plays [sigh] is when the opponent goes alone and my partner leads trump "to make one of my aces good."

Posted by YankeeDoodle  on Monday, 07.1.13 @ 17:20pm| #2264


LOL --- Really, I did LOL


Posted by Don  on Monday, 07.1.13 @ 17:42pm| #2265

If my partner calls trump and I got the first trick and my partner tosses off, the worse lead would be to come back in the suit he tossed off cause chances are, he's two suited and that tossed card is his off suit.
This play may be ok if the opps call tho.
Any opinions?

Posted by Amy  on Saturday, 12.21.13 @ 10:44am| #3105

This works only when your partner is the dealer (and it's a bid first round bid). They have already had an opportunity to discard any suit with only one card in it.
BTW if you order you partner, then lead back the suit they didn't throw off, if
they follow, it's most likely they only hold the trump that they picked up.

Posted by Don  on Sunday, 12.22.13 @ 09:17am| #3109

am looking for a euchre tourny on the weekends in toledo or surrounding areas please help thank you

Posted by Astrid H Kotulski  on Saturday, 08.23.14 @ 09:33am| #3266

What are the odds when playing alone
of having the Right against you, also when playing alone and having a guarded Left against you?

Posted by Dan  on Tuesday, 11.18.14 @ 09:30am| #3290

I'm surprised how many people miss out on stopping a loner with a poor leading card. Say the opponent calling a lone (hearts, say) was second to play. Your partner is 2 suited- 4 low ranking clubs and a king of diamonds. If he plays a very low ranking club, there is a much better chance of the opponent trumping it with his lowest trump- giving me a greater chance of overtrumping on the first play. Yet, some would lead the king of diamonds and never understand why it was a bone headed move.

Posted by mike  on Monday, 09.21.15 @ 23:53pm| #3471

I have a debate going on about a particular euchre hand. . Dealer has JA clubs A hearts and A10 of diamonds and card flipped is 9 clubs. . It gets passed to dealer and he picks up 9 clubs making clubs trump and he also calls alone. Dealer dropped A hearts to be double suited but I think he should have dropped 10 diamonds and kept 2 aces. . What's the best play here.

Posted by Randy  on Saturday, 11.19.16 @ 05:16am| #3712

See answer on 'home page' Please only post questions once.

Posted by Don  on Saturday, 11.19.16 @ 17:55pm| #3715

I have been assigned the Worst partner and want assigned a NEW one.

Posted by B  on Saturday, 01.7.17 @ 10:25am| #3742

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