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This was first written in January 2013. As 2016 draws to a close, the quiz has been taken over 10,000 times. I have rerun the numbers and they haven't changed very much from year to year. As we get more members and the site continues to evolve, our hope is that we will see the number of correct answers start to improve.

This quiz has given me a good amount of data showing where players could improve their game. The numbers given are actual and not adjusted. Many participants have taken the test more than once trying to improve their score. Still, these results should be fairly accurate.

Question 21) was the one most people had trouble with. 71% overall missed this question. With first time tries it was 84%. The Question Was - Your partner picked up the Ace of hearts. First seat leads the 10 of clubs. You take the trick with the only ace in your hand. Third seat follows suit and your partner throws off the 10 of spades. You hold no trump. Assuming you hold one of each of the other three suits, what suit do you lead back? The key to answering this is remembering your partner was the dealer. Being the dealer, that gave them the chance to discard, creating a void in their hand. It's most likely that they have two of the suit they still hold. It's up to you to lead into their void. It is doubtful that they are void in spades, which leaves diamonds. Sure, the dealer is void in clubs, but now the odds are that someone else may also be void given them the opportunity to overtrump your partner.

Question 24) was second with 66% missed. The Question Was - The score is 9 to 5 your favor. The dealer (your partner) just turned down the Jack of hearts. First seat passed. What do you do? OK, so you know your partner has nothing in hearts and most likely very little in diamonds. There for it's a good chance they hold at least something in the black suits. A singleton ace in your hand is most always good for a trick, two trump plus what is in your partner's hand should catch the tricks needed for a point.

Question 20) Missed by 64 %, the question was - You are in second seat. Your partner (dealer) is an experienced player. Third seat is going alone in Hearts. You hold the following cards in your hand. What do you lead? This is a basic strategy in euchre that everyone should learn. Dealer discards next and the partner lead next. Dealer trumps next and stops a lone. You should discard next even if it is an Ace.

Question 7) Missed by 59%, The Question Was - The score is 9 to 6 your favor. You hold the following cards in your hand. You sit in first seat and the Ace of Clubs is turned up. Do you pass or order? With the hand showing, there is a high probability that first seat has a lone in clubs. If they do and you pass they will win the game. Sure you gave up those two points, but you're still in the game and you get to bid next. The bidder has about a 70% chance of making a point. I have heard some inexperienced players say it is not fair to block an opponent's bid. I say losing to a lucky lone a 9 - 6 is not fair. The only time the first seat should not call at 6-or 7 to 9 is when you have a lone stopped (holding right, left-X, or Ace-X-X)

Question 8) Missed by 55%, The Question Was - The dealer is going alone in Hearts. On first lead, your partner plays the Ace of Spades. What do you play? We have all been taught not to trump your partner's Ace. In most circumstances that is true. Here, however, we are trying to stop a lone call at any cost. We only need one trick to do so. Let's say they did hold a club in their hand. The lone is stopped. I know it was anyway, but if they didn't hold a club, now they have to use a bar to overtrump. This takes one high trump out of play. The hope is that you or your partner hold the left or Ace - X. It's just one more chance to stop the lone.

Question 4) Missed by 46%, The Question Was - The score is 6 to 8 your favor. Jack of Diamonds is the up card. You sit in the third seat. Your partner is a skilled player and he passed. Second seat passed. You hold the following cards in your hand. Do you Order or pass? Here's where knowing basic strategies and knowing your partner come into play. The only way your partner should have passed is if they had a lone stopped. This means they hold left - X or Ace - X - X in their hand. You hold three trump along with a green Ace. Out of the seven possible trump, you know where at least 6 of them are. This is more than enough information to make a point.

Question 11) Missed by 43%, The Question Was - The score is 4 to 3 their favor. The dealer just turned down the Ace of Diamonds. Do you pass or bid? To be honest, this one surprised me; it's just a basic next call. Take a chance, you have three trump and you have a partner. Points have been made on less.

On the last seventeen of the questions, 60 - 80 % of the answers were correct. Given the large number of people that have taken the test, I would have to say that most players understand the basics of the game. Of the 7 questions that were missed, three involved when to bid. The one thing that I see over and over is that most people only bid with a sure point in their hand. They forget that they have a partner, and they lose games because if it. The last 4 involve basic strategies that should be learned. Euchre takes trying different methods until you find what works. There is a lot of information on this site. No, everything will not work every time, but many times they will work. Take a chance...

In summary

There seems to be a few basic rules that many players are not using. Incorporating these into your games will increase your win/loss ratio dramatically. Next and reverse next work. No, they don't work every time, but in the long run, you will make more points. You have to take chances. Don't be afraid to bid. Don't worry about getting euchred. The reality is a euchre only cost you a point. Why? Because if you had passed, the odds are they would have made a point. It may have even stopped a lone call

Just as a side note:

I played in a tournament that had 12 tables. They were charging $2.00 for each euchre. We were euchred 11 times in twelve games. We also came in first, taking home the top prize of $190. (OK, minus the $22.00 in euchre fees). A nice prize and nice afternoon playing cards

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really enjoyed your quiz, i missed question 21, because i thought you were the answer was going to be more basic. love that you had the answer i really wanted to put down.

Posted by cody smith  on Monday, 10.28.13 @ 00:52am| #3062

I went through this twice and neither time was able to see my score? What?

Posted by john  on Tuesday, 01.20.15 @ 12:40pm| #3355

My husband took the test and I have tried 3 times but it won't give me a score????

Posted by Jan  on Thursday, 05.28.15 @ 13:42pm| #3410

I just checked and there is a problem again. I'm upgrading website so it will work better on a phone. Looks like I messed something up.

Until I find out what, I'm putting the old page that was working back.

yep, shoulda tested it first.........


Posted by Don  on Thursday, 05.28.15 @ 14:34pm| #3411

I took the quiz on my phone and did not get a score.

Posted by Bill  on Thursday, 09.17.15 @ 05:19am| #3466

Great test and great follow up on the most missed questions. One or two little glitches. On question 11, diamonds shouldn't be an option to bid because dealer already passed it. Also, I couldn't get the results at first either because I was answering the "silly question" correctly (in my own humble opinion lol) and it was ruled incorrect. Given the information available, (no trump call) the Ace of Clubs seems to be the highest card. If trump were clubs, certainly the Jack of clubs is the highest. What if trump were hearts? :)

Posted by Karen  on Thursday, 09.24.15 @ 10:02am| #3474

correction on my earlier comment. I was looking at the "silly question" on this page to leave a comment. It's the same idea. Except on THIS page, the comment "assume you just bid" would surely leave the assumption that you had bid clubs. The question page "silly question" just says "which is the highest card in this hand". Which I thought was a trick question to fool the bot. So I picked the highest card. Which stopped me from seeing my test results.:) Sorry for the confusion.

Posted by Karen  on Thursday, 09.24.15 @ 10:32am| #3475

Did quiz three times and no result.

Posted by Joan Rotondi  on Sunday, 11.15.15 @ 20:28pm| #3498

Where are the test scores?

Posted by Ralph  on Wednesday, 02.24.16 @ 11:01am| #3583

As a beginner, I'm learning slowly but surely. An interesting web page.

Posted by Mary  on Tuesday, 10.4.16 @ 11:01am| #3694

I did the Quiz. I got 60%.Not good I know. I just wish you would show my wrong answeres and the right choice right below it so I can understand better why I made the wrong choice. And explain right there why I was wrong. I find it tiresome re-reading the article to look for the answer.

Posted by Ron  on Sunday, 02.19.17 @ 10:46am| #3772

For question 26, you really should clarify that spades is trump. I took the test twice and had it reset before I realized my mistake (actually your mistake).

Posted by Chris  on Friday, 04.14.17 @ 23:13pm| #3807

I guess I wrongly assumed that because the first 25 questions were about euchre, people would understand number 26 was also. Hopefully specifying that it is a euchre hand will help.

Posted by Don  on Saturday, 04.15.17 @ 07:15am| #3808

Would it be possible to provide the correct answers and why to each quiz question in one place? Even when I click on the help link, it just takes me to a section to read.

Posted by Mike  on Friday, 05.12.17 @ 17:36pm| #3826

The answers to question 1 and 8 are wrong. The explanation of 8 doesn't jibe with the hand displayed. I'm not going to trump from A,x to hope my partner has A,x. And if partner has lone left, my A,x is good anyway.

Posted by Mark  on Thursday, 06.22.17 @ 18:04pm| #3836

Where is my results from the quiz test?

Posted by Jennygrin  on Friday, 12.8.17 @ 15:19pm| #3917

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