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Know + trust your partner's ability's

The top players understand that winning at euchre requires a team effort. Trusting your partner to bid the hand correctly and having the ability to understand why they called or passed is an important of good euchre communication skills. Every card that is played should done with the intention of giving your partner information. This is one of the primary reason teams that work well together are so hard to beat.

Look at this example:

Table Position
Wrong lead into lone - 2

Let's assume the score is 9 to 7, with the North/South team in the lead. The dealer is in the West position and has turned up a jack. Their team has 7 points. Your partner in the North seat passes, as does east. You, sitting in the South seat, now know that because they passed, your partner has a sure trick in their hand; in some cases it may be the left protected or possibly a protected ace. With this information and seeing what cards are in your hand, you realize there is a high probability your team can score a point and win the game.

Blocking and its relationship to communication

Players that feel blocking is wrong are missing out. Because euchre such a fast moving game teams need every advantage they can get. Whenever the right is turned up and your partner, in the 1st seat, passes, he is giving you information. It's up to you to use this information wisely. For example, if you hold a strong hand in the turned-up suit you should be naming trump. All that you need are a couple of trump and an ace or two.

Passing and its relationship to communication

Any time you are dealing and turn down a jack, you are telling your partner you are void in that suit. Conversely, if you hold at least one card of the same suit you should pick up the jack.

Let's say your partner, as the dealer, turns down the jack of clubs. 1st seat passes, and you bid in hearts. Now 1st seat leads the ace of clubs. Even though you are void in clubs you throw off a junk card, giving your partner a chance to trump in. Just knowing that your partner will almost always pick up a jack, except when he is void in that suit, makes this a high percentage play. Also, by showing this void to your partner, they now have a lead-back suit that they know you will be able to trump.


* When your partner throws off a suit on your lead he is asking you to lead back that suit.

* When your partner is the dealer and has already had the opportunity to create a void, he is asking for something completely different.

* When your partner, as dealer, turns down a jack he is most likely void in that suit.

* If the opponents lead an ace and your partner, as dealer, follows suit, he is most likely void in the remaining green suit.

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