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Euchre (pronounced 'you-ker') is a classic card game that was introduced to America in the early nineteenth century. There are varying theories as to the origin of the game. The true beginning of euchre is unknown and controversy persists among card historians. At one time euchre was considered the national card game in the United States. Although its overall popularity has declined, it has been kept alive by a core group of avid players. It has a prominent following in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are also large concentrations of devotees in Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Euchre games are generally fast moving and tend last less than twenty minutes. Although the rank of the cards may confuse new players, euchre is an easy game to learn. Games are played with four players in teams of two sitting across from one another. A partial deck of 24 cards is used and made from a standard deck with cards numbered between eight and two removed. The cards are dealt out in groups of twos and threes until each player has five cards. The remainder of the cards are laid face down and the top card is exposed. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponents by being the first team to reach 10 points. Points are made by taking at least three out of five possible tricks in a hand.

Whether you play casually among friends or seriously in the many tournaments held around the country, you will find euchre to be a fascinating and challenging game. It is also an ideal way to meet people and make new friends.

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Posted by Steve on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 21:36pm

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Good site

Posted by Trisha  on Saturday, 05.7.16 @ 16:40pm| #3612

Question: We learned Ohio version of 3-handed cutthroat this weekend. Lotsa fun. If you're down toward the end of the game, and your "partner" has 8, then should you try to lose so the caller doesn't get euchred so the game continues???? Is that part of the strategy?

Posted by Marty  on Monday, 08.22.16 @ 11:06am| #3672

I'm not really sure what you are asking. there shouldn't be a partner in cutthroat.

Posted by Don  on Monday, 08.22.16 @ 13:24pm| #3673

Hi! Was playing a game yesterday and lost because my partner threw his right instead of his 9 because he didn't want to get over-trumped. The guy in the last seat ended up following suit but then won the next hand with the left. Anyway, it got me thinking... is there a strategy for laying trump to avoid getting over-trumped but also to be able to win later hands. I did not see any articles on here specifically about that and I thought it would be interesting to hear your take on it. Personally, I always lay my lowest trump if I don't have to follow suit, unless the guy next to me is double suiting.

Posted by David  on Thursday, 11.3.16 @ 10:07am| #3701

There is a general rule of thumb that you should trump next high and trump green low.
In the hand you describe, I’m assuming that an ace was lead and this was the first lead of the suit. (As I’m sure you’re aware the second lead of a suit changes everything) Still, a couple of questions come to mind. Was this the first play of the hand? How many tricks did the other team have? Was the maker the one that had the last play? Did you partner have a singleton ace to lead after taking the trick. These things should the taken into consideration when trumping in.

Posted by Don  on Friday, 11.4.16 @ 07:22am| #3702

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows of any euchre tournaments or leagues anywhere around canal winchester or Pickerington area I can join? I tried to Google some but all I can find are 45 min from me. THANKS!

Posted by Adam  on Wednesday, 11.9.16 @ 15:23pm| #3706

Dealer has J clubs A club 9 clubs A diamond 10 diamond and A hearts. . He calls lone hand. Does he get rid of A hearts or 10 diamond.

Posted by Rustycage  on Friday, 11.18.16 @ 22:29pm| #3711

I would discard the 10D. After first lead you will still have 2 trump and 2 aces or 3 trump and 1 ace. If you discard the aceH you may end up with 2 trump and aceD. If left,king,and a small trump are all out and in the same hand a euchre is possible. By having 2 off aces if needed you can use one to draw out their trump and still make a point. Play it safe and go for the point first. Getting euchred on a lone call is not fun.


Posted by Don  on Saturday, 11.19.16 @ 17:52pm| #3714

Checking to see if I led the right card.

Posted by Bebb  on Wednesday, 02.15.17 @ 22:24pm| #3768

Hoping to get answers to test.

Posted by Scot  on Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 20:19pm| #3818

I clicked on the following webpage and it said, "This page isn't redirecting properly." http://ohioeuchre.com/E_winning-takes-cooperation-between-partners.php

Posted by SardineBreath  on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 22:10pm| #3822

I have been reading your site and then playing games online. Since using your site I went from a winning percentage of about 48% to around 58 to 61%. What is a good winning percentage to have, realistically considering I don't get to choose my partner?

Posted by S. West  on Sunday, 07.9.17 @ 09:22am| #3850

I don't have a message.

Posted by Don Kammerer  on Saturday, 08.26.17 @ 12:43pm| #3876

I sent in for a password reminder and tried to log in but it denied me access; it said I may not have completed my membership. Help

Posted by Jim  on Saturday, 01.6.18 @ 10:26am| #3933

I,m new, just want to brush up on my skills.

Posted by Linda  on Monday, 01.29.18 @ 13:34pm| #3956

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